A Brief Review

Well, folks, last Saturday I finished my first “Current Read” of this blog: Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore. (Yes, yes it was a Saturday night.)

Overall, I was into it! It was set in San Francisco, current day, so the characters were using Google and writing interface and doing data visualization and no, I didn’t understand any of it. Except the using Google part, I consider myself an expert in that field. The story kept me turning pages because Robin Sloan has a good of sense humor (I love those “did I read that correctly?” moments) and an interesting plot that mixed the tech-savvy characters in with this ancient code that they were trying to help an ancient friend solve. I enjoyed how it wrapped up!

Recommended if: You’re looking to breeze through a fun book that doesn’t require a ton of mental push-ups. Also recommended if you’re a fan of San Fran or Google.

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