Happy Holi

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Of all the countries and cities in the world that I’d like to see in my lifetime, India is near the top of the list. With an asterisk next to it. There are places I’d like to simply drop what I’m doing and fly to, others I’d like to visit with specific friends or relatives, and some places that have an asterisk.

For me, the asterisk means I need to do something before I make a serious commitment to visit. Brush up on cultural norms, be fluent in Italian, become a  millionaire, the action varies. For India, it has always been the same.

It’s a fascinating country to me, one that has an intriguing history and culture. The mythology tied to religions most practiced in India amaze me. And the asterisk corresponds to a need to learn more about the traditions before I go. Last week, I learned about the festival of Holi celebrated in India and Nepal, mostly. It has great significance, marking the beginning of Spring, a way to enjoy the colors of spring and bid winter adieu (bless you). Of course, it has a religious background as well (cue the need to learn more!), but what I found most amazing about this festival was learning that it bridges a lot of gaps. Differences in gender, race, ethnicity, or social status have no place at Holi. Everyone just enjoys pelting each other with color powder and raging on about Spring and Holika and the new Justin Timberlake album! Or so I hear…

It sounds amazing, and I’ve added it to my ever-growing bucket list.

Holi cow, I’ve got to experience this.

4 thoughts on “Happy Holi

  1. Holi indeed is one of my fav celebrations. Along with the color there’s an intoxicating drink (bhaang) which further facilitates elimination of any biases across religion, caste or gender. It is indeed a fun festival!

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