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Let’s just be honest. Instagram is the coolest kid on the block. Sure, sometimes you’re scrolling past seven selfies (same person, different angle) and a fuzzy picture of a slice of pizza to find a gem, but trust me when I say: If you follow the right instapeeps, you most certainly will find gems.

I follow Jamie Oliver because that’s just mandatory. I follow Duff Goldman, Urban Outfitters, and a local pie shop, but what I’ve found to be the most exciting are the average, every day people who have built themselves little Insta-Empires. People who are just wizards behind the iPhone camera lens, and wizards with their editing apps. They have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers just because they make things look pretty. Or rustic. Or edgy. Pick your adjective, we could go on forever! I’m particularly fond of the people I’ve found who are living in countries I love, who apparently spend all day walking around Paris or Rome snapping shots for me to enjoy. How kind of them!

The above shot from Instagram was taken by yours truly at St. Pauls in London, but if you really want some eye candy, check out the list of IGers below whom I love to live vicariously through. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you have Europhobia.

It’s 10am on a Monday. Am I waltzing down a side street in Montepulciano?

No. No I am not.

I’m just gazing intensely at a photo fit in a tiny square on my phone. But for a second there…


Travel IGers: – Crisp, clean shots of Sweden – Crazy cool Hong Kong & Tokyo photos – Paris – magical – Just livin’ life in the French countryside – Fun London edits – Ahh, Rome. – Berlin-based



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