Life of Pie.

Life of Pi is a great book.

Life of PIE is the title of a short film documenting the story of a young woman set out to experience a slice of chocolatey-or-fruity-goodness at a pie shop in Chicago, Illinois. It’s really a beautiful story.

It all starts with the discovery of a local pie shop via Instagram. An organic beginning.  When a Twitter exchange between the lady and the shop solidifies her interest in a slice, she makes plans to go but soon finds the path to the shop is less than sweet. (Yep. Went there)  When she finally meets her friends outside the entrance to the store, she finds out every single slice is….. sold out. “We have candied bacon!” they’ll say. But it won’t matter. “I really wanted a piece of pie,” she’ll respond. But they’ll be closing the door and some smelly guy with an ill-advised beard will be asking her to move her car off of the sidewalk. Will she give up? Um no. It’s pie…

The lady and her friends return on a beautiful morning in April. Pie is eaten,  biscuits are devoured, and a lovely time is had by all.

If you take anything away from this post, let it be the following: Never give up. Spend lots of time on Instagram. Always tweet at places you like, and sometimes places you don’t. Have friends that like pie. Shoot for the moon. Always read the book before you see the movie.

This has been a giant shout out to Bang Bang Pie Shop in Logan Square. It really is fantastic. Also don’t try to google this short film, I made it up.

photo 1 photo 2

pictures are my own

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