Thoughts on Turkey

Today, a coworker jokingly invited me to take a trip to Turkey with her at the end of the year. Actually she invited me to go to Turkey over Thanksgiving. Turkey at Thanksgiving? I don’t get it.

(Yes I do.)

This half-real invitation got me thinking. First I thought, “can I swing a short trip to Turkey at Thanksgiving?” Then I thought, “wouldn’t that be hilarious?” And finally I thought, “Turkey? I don’t know much about Turkey” Good thing researching other countries is one of my favorite pastimes.

Lonely Planet is one of my go-to’s in these situations. So I scrambled on over to the site and started researching Instanbul! EXCITEMENT ENSUED.

Gorgeous mosques, spice markets, “world’s hippest city” labels, my level of interest has absolutely risen. If you’re a native of Turkey, a lover of the country, or just know a lot about the place, please share some hot spots and experiences that can’t be missed. Maybe Turkey at Thanksgiving will have a new meaning this year.

59. Ortaköy, Istanbul, mars 2005a
source: Pinterest

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