Road Trip

This post is going to be an in-depth review of the movie Road Trip, followed up by an extensive critical analysis of the movie Euro Trip. Buckle up.

Can you even take that seriously? This post is not going to be either of those two things I just said it would be. Sorry. It’s about the fact that I bought my first car last night! That was a big deal. Let me tell you about it.

I went to the dealership, test drove this pretty sweet ride, jumped out, high fived the salesman (that’s a real event that took place), and signed the bill of sale. I mean that’s not an all-inclusive tale.. I signed a million other things and there were about a gazillion more high fives, but basically that’s the nuts and bolts of my transaction.

I’m excited! But what’s even more exciting is the inevitable road trip action this new set of wheels will see. It’s actually a used set of wheels, but I digress. Road trips are amazing. I’ve been taking them with my family since the dawn of time. I’ve never taken a road trip with friends, which is strange because it’s on my bucket list and is something I think is very important to proper human development. Jillian Braun has recently done some research on road tripping in the USA. The results were nothing short of thrilling, and I think it’s the perfect way to get the ball rolling on this.

Also I now have a vehicle, which is a crucial ingredient in road tripping.

Here’s to an impending road trip experience, and here’s hoping it happens with the greatest people I know. Cheers!

Road Trip Bucket List:

Portland Crater Lake

Northern California

Highway 1

The Grand Circle

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