Sweet Berry Lime Cake

It was only a matter of time before I baked from the Joy The Baker blog, and posted about it here. I really shouldn’t be doing this,  my food photos are sub-par at best. Food photos are NOT a walk in the park! Help! But here I am, putting these up with little to no shame.

I couldn’t tell you how many delicious things I’ve created via Joy the Baker recipes. She’s really a baking genius person, and I love her writing style. She writes like she’s your bestie, and that’s always a warm and fuzzy feeling. This memorial day, my family and I had some guests (read: VIP’s) (read: my grandparents) over, and I decided to whip up this Sweet Berry Lime Cake which has been taunting me from my email inbox for approximately 4 weeks. It was super easy and came out lovely looking. It had raspberries and blueberries inside, and the sugar used in the recipe was lime-zest infused (come on, lime zest infused?!). It made me think of a Sonic drink. Any takers on that analogy?

Also, it’s a bundt cake so insert all of your butt/bundt jokes here!

I’ll start: Does this cake make my Bundt look big?


Sweet Berry Lime Cake






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