A Brief Review

I love the 20’s. Where’s the cheesy VH1 show that highlights that era? I love the romance associated with the time, the ease and the mystery. Do I wish I lived in the 20’s? That’s up for grabs because the Chicago Blackhawks just won the Stanley Cup for the 2nd time in 4 years and it’s good to be a Chicagoan in 2013 right now. Do I think it would be cool to go back in time and drink in secret and wear beaded dresses and say things like “old sport?” and throw beautiful shirts around an elaborately decorated bedroom? Well, duh. But now I’m just recapping The Great Gatsby.

This review is about Francis and Bernard by Carlene Bauer. I’m interested in books set in the 20’s because it’s fun to be transported. Transportation is fun, am I right or am I right!? It’s fun to feel like you were apart of the Jazz Age! I’ve been reading a little Hemingway here, a little Fitzgerald there, and The Paris Wife was fantastic.  Francis and Bernard? Not so great. Reading it was kind of like getting smacked in the face with a theology book. Really an unpleasant event no matter what genre the book, but the theology theme was killing me. It was so complex and I found it hard to relate and keep up. It took on some darker undertones near the end that left me a little confused. It had some sweet moments, but I was overall disappointed. I was like, “Transport me!” and F&B was like “No. You stay in 2013 while we muse on about religion and piety.” Then I was like, “Okay. But here’s fair warning: You’re going to get a bad review on my blog.” …Book talks.

I’m glad I finished it, but it was a struggle. The one great thing was the writing. Bauer is a fab writer and the sentences she strung together were like GOLD. So read it if you like to appreciate those things. If not, go pick up The Paris Wife  and whoooooosh! Transport to the 20’s!

Me and my friends last week on our way to get FroYo

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