Book Club – June ’13

Ladiez who like to read are the best kind of Ladiez.

Just ask anyone in our book club, they would concur.

Last month, the lovely gals all got together in Chicago to discuss our June book Devil in the White City. It was an interesting talk, full of suspense. I use the word suspense here to describe the fact that only about 1/3 of us actually finished the story. Erik Larson is a fantastic historian and story teller but I’ve got to tell you a secret… I fell asleep 100% of the times I tried to make a dent in this book.

Here is a conversation I picture taking place at this moment:

Random Book Authority: Alexandra, Do you solemnly swear to finish this book sometime in the future because you understand that it is a good read and that it contains important and super cool facts about your native city?

Me: *Raising my right hand and placing my left hand on the cover of Devil in the White City*  I do. 

So there you have it. I will finish this book. Eventually!

As for July, the book choice was Dear Girls Above Me By Charlie McDowell. Let’s just flash back to the time I started cry-laughing on a plane reading this, causing the woman next to me to nervously glance over at me more than a couple times. Stay tuned for a full review after Ladiez is Readerz 2 gets a chance to dissect this hysterical story.

Check out these options for Summer Reads! (And, if you’re wondering if it was me who suggested Dear Girls Above Me to Joy the Baker, then you would be correct. And you know me too well. And let’s be friends.)

Joy The Baker – What You’re Reading

Cat Lover? – I Could Pee on This

NPR – Good for Summer Adventure

Marie Claire – Summer Beach Reads

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