I have never met a single soul who told me they didn’t enjoy their time in Ireland. I’m convinced it’s a magical country. I was certainly swept away by it’s charm. But this post isn’t about me. It’s to say “congratulations, little nugget!” to my sister who is officially spending a portion of next year studying in Galway.

I can hardly contain my excitement for her, knowing she will experience some life-changing moments that come along with studying abroad, and with traveling in general. I also selfishly cannot wait to visit her. My trip is probably still 8 months in the future – but would it be okay if I started planning today? Important Matters First

Don’t judge me if The Quays is my first stop…

4 thoughts on “IRELAND

  1. So fun! I absolutely adore Ireland as well-it is truly captivating. I own a travel company and take small groups over there-wish I lived there full time! Tell your sister she needs to make her way to Lahinch and give surfing a go! It is right by The Cliffs of Moher and The Burren- so much to do- tell her to go see Ben Bennett with Bens Surf Clinic and that Bess sent her there- he will make sure she is well looked after! May the road go on forever and the party never end- carry on=)!

    • Thank you so much for your comment. Captivating is absolutely the right word to use! I’ll pass along the message as surfing in Ireland is something I’m sure she hadn’t thought of… it sounds amazing! Thanks for your input, and I will certainly reach out if Ben’s is added to her agenda!

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