Book Club – July ’13

You guys.. the Ladiez is Readerz 2 book club is the talk of the town. I mean we are a social group with a reading problem! Next month we might re-brand as a drinking group with a reading problem… The possibilities are endless. July’s meeting brought us together on a picnic bench in a park in our hometown while a wedding was being held in the park pavilion. It was intense and there was a lot of singing and kissing happening and strangers watching.

Talking about the wedding, of course.

Fueled by some Trail Mix Cookies (joy the baker recipe. duh! find it here), we talked about some funny parts in Charlie McDowell’s Dear Girls Above Me and lamented the fact that he was actually born famous, and isn’t just some rando who became famous for his sense of humor. Sidenote – I just used the word “lamented” and feel really into it.

Dear Girls Above Me is a quick read that actually did have me laughing out loud, laughing silently, and occasionally even cry-laughing which is that thing when you’re on a plane trying so hard not to laugh out loud that tears form in your eyes. I revel in those moments. I found it charming and a little over the top, which I can get down with. I might read it again in the future if I ever need a pick me up.

Recommended if: You’re looking for a funny read that you’ll tear through in a day, and you don’t shy away from occasionally poking fun at others. Especially if said “others” are those who believe the Pope of England is a thing.

Up next month: Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

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