Lake Lunch

Today I chose to forego the lunchroom social hour and escape to this little breath of fresh air across from my very industrial, very ugly, office building. We’re talking smoke stacks and lots of tan brick, people. It got to be lunch time and without really deciding beforehand I drove all of 2 minutes, parked my car, walked on some gravelly trails and weathered grass, and planted myself on a flat rock overlooking the water. In a white dress. You win some, you lose some. Honestly, today was a win win.

Today I reminded myself that everything I’m complaining about can be put on hold. It was revitalizing and calming all at once! You know the feeling. It was just me and the ducks. And another woman who crept up behind me and laid on a blanket, but I wasn’t mad. I was grateful she gave me the idea to bring a blanket tomorrow.

It was a fantastic hour.




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