A Brief Review

I like books that are poignant, profound, hard-hitting beasts with a big life message. My mom likes books that are of the sweet and cute, could-be-a-Lifetime-movie variety. Needless to say, we don’t read a lot of the same authors. However, she got me a book called Falling Together for my birthday in April and actually read it before I did. She blew through it with ease and said she really enjoyed it. It was a fairly long story. Or maybe it just seemed long because she accidentally got me the large print version so there were only 18 words per page. 

After finishing Life After Life for book club, I wasn’t sure I was ready to dive into a sweet/cute/Lifetime book. But I went for it and had an interesting experience with author Marisa de los Santos’ writing. The story follows the lives of three better-than-best friends; two girls and one boy. They were so close in college that they way they spoke to each other drove other people crazy because they couldn’t keep up. I found that funny because I had a hard time keeping up just reading the dialogue. After college, real life happened (doesn’t it always?) and they ended up parting ways. Most of the story revolved around their journey to find each other again, almost out of necessity to be together. It took a surprising turn near the middle when you find out one of the friends is actually missing, The end left me a bit disappointed, but it did seem realistic. I find often those two things go hand in hand when reading. The more realistic an ending, the more sad I am. Reminder: all books cannot and should not have happy fuzzy endings. 

Falling Together was very sweet, and actually quite endearing. Once I got the hang of the writing style and was able to connect with the characters I did enjoy it. And the bonus? Being able to talk about it with  my mom! 

New Rule: Always know of at least one other person who has read or is reading the book you’re reading. It’s too much fun discussing stories not to! 

Recommended if: You’re in the mood for a romantic comedy, but would like to receive said rom-com via written word rather than boob tube. Also if you enjoy heart warming stories about friendships. Or if you are Scrooge and need something to melt the ice. 


Here’s a picture of a tarsier, an extremely strange monkey mentioned in this story. 

i had to google it. Still unsure how I feel about it. 

photo: Cosmos Magazine

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