I’m Still in a Book Club

It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that my life got really exciting and socially stimulating over the past couple of months! I realize that makes it sound like I was a recluse before, and frankly I won’t deny that. But if you’ve read my post on exciting things that happened in 2013 you know that I moved to the great city of Chicago in October.

The minute I moved, I got a planner and actually put stuff in it. Fun stuff. That I was planning to do! Then I did them! And that’s life.

What I’m saying is, life got in the way of my posts about book club. So I’m here now with a crazy quick recap, and the intention to write more frequently because I enjoy it.

August-September we read Life after Life by Kate Atkinson. It was fabulous and time travel-y and historical. There were a lot of mixed reviews but it was poignant and pretty gripping! A bit long… but the ending was one of those “ahh. that felt right” endings, in my very humble opinion.

October-November we read The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith who of course is actually the legendary J.K Rowling – molder of my childhood. This was a really fun mystery where J.K was able to really let her inner potty-mouthed-overweight-British-man flag fly. Loved the twist at the end.

December was the month for Wild by Cheryl Strayed. This was a  memoir about Cheryl’s hike up the PCT. Google PCT. It was interesting because Cheryl is a very complex person, and the lives of complex people are fun to read about and compare to your own. I honestly don’t think I could be paid to hike the PCT alone or with a group. I’d like to hang out on the trail for a day, take some pictures, make some hot dogs over a fire and use leaves as TP but then I’d like to go home. She was out there for a very long time. Good read, though!

I think this’ll serve as a nice catch up on Ladiez is Readers 2! We’re all still ladies, still readers, and still a bunch of nerds. I love it. Thanks for reading.

Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop – Galway, Ireland
Photo taken by Miranda Coello

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