Book Club – January ’14

Blistery January in Chicago found the ladies of book club, all in sweaters, gathered around a high table for brunch in Wicker Park. It felt like a long time since we’d all been together, but this January meeting was productive and hilarious.

The book of the month was Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.

Other than write books, Maria hasn’t done much except really win at life as a screenwriter for such shows as THE ELLEN SHOW and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.  I read this in her bio and immediately thought “This will be good.” And it was. Her humor really came through as subtle, smart, and perfectly placed. One of my favorite scenes was when the narrator talks about her dogs unwillingness to sit anywhere but the front seat of the car. It paints a real picture of suffering:

It took me a while to get in the car because Mom always brings Ice Cream and lets her sit in the front. Once that dog gets the front seat, she does not like to give it up. So Ice Cream was doing that thing she does when she wants to get her way, which is to go completely rigid and stare straight ahead.

Mom pulled Ice Cream’s collar and I shoved her butt and after a lot of grunting, Ice Cream finally got in the back. But she didn’t sit on the seat like a normal dog. She stood on the floor squished behind the front seat, with this miserable look on her face, like, See what you guys made me do?

I really laughed at this part. I think for the most part everyone was entertained by this novel. Which, I believe, is exactly what the authors intent was. She entertained by way of rich private school parents, bleak descriptions of life in Seattle, and a mess of neurotic personalities.

I would recommend this read! Quick and easy, and very entertaining. Next month, we’re tackling Lord of the Flies to add a little classic action to our repertoire. This will be interesting.

(Photo source: Seattle Times)

Listened To:
Avery Hill by The Shouting Matches
Drifters by Bright Moments

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