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Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh

A few years ago I read the book One Day by David Nicholls. It was charming and heart-breaking and realistic. I enjoyed the story in a lot of ways. When I saw the movie, I was less charmed (so typical) but I did love the scene in the beginning where the two main characters, attending University of Edinburgh, climbed to the top of Arthur’s Seat. It was enchanting and I wanted to jump in the movie and be standing there too. The views? I can’t even.

I didn’t get the chance to visit Edinburgh during my time in London. I chose to take a 9 hour bus ride to Glasgow which was one of the more funny (in a sad way) moments of my time abroad. Let’s just say sitting on a stuffy bus for hours next to a guy with body odor issues and a tendency to lean was not a good look for me. Nevertheless, Glasgow welcomed me with open arms and I had an excellent time. And now, Scotland? I’m coming back for more!

My sister and I are working on plans for our family’s trip to visit her in Ireland, and we decided to take a trip to Edinburgh once the rest of our family has left. My sister is the greatest/funniest person I know, I can’t even imagine how much fun we’re going to have traveling together. We bought our flight yesterday and I swear I had a grin on my face the rest of the night! There’s something about the Scottish and also the English culture that completely warm my heart. It might be the beer.

Our trip will be for a short weekend in mid March, and we’re starting to look for some important things to do and see. I know I’d like to try to visit the castle and climb for great views from Arthur’s Seat (pictured above, what a beaut). But other than spending our nights hunting down live  music I’m not sure what we’ll do past that! Here’s hoping I can control my excitement enough to be a functional part of society until March.

All suggestions for Edinburgh are welcome!


photo source: The Lazy Travelers

Listened to:
Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin
Island, IS by Volcano Choir
Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars

5 thoughts on “Back to Scotland

  1. “The views? I can’t even.” Haha, I so agree! They’re aboslutely stunning. I wish I were able to make another trip! Have an amazing time, though I’m sure you will. Take a free walking tour – it’s great. Try haggis! (I liked it). I talk a little about Scotland (on a whole), here.

    • Thanks for reading, Janika! I’m very excited to see Edinburgh and will absolutely look into the free walking tour – any suggestions where to look? I have done free walking tours through Sandeman’s New Europe Tours. I’m a little leery to try haggis but I know it’ll make the experience complete! I’ll be sure to check out your post on Scotland.

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