Time to Run

Let’s step away from books and travel for a minute and show some love to the world of music. Do I even need to write about what music can do for a person? Just pick an emotion you want to feel, there’s a song for it. Pick how crazy you want to dance – there are definitely songs for that. Music’s most important perks? Cute band members and funky percussion parts.

I went to the Lord Huron concert last night with some friends and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You want to talk about cute band members and funky percussion parts that band has them both in spades. Following a CRAZY awesome opening performance by Night Moves, Lord Huron took the stage in classy suits (!!!) and I think it’s fair to say they blew everyone away. In a world full of band members rocking out in ironically frumpy sweaters, it was refreshing to see the members of LH come out looking sharp. To be fair I actually find the frumpy sweater look endearing and I do believe they are strategically selected as well.

I digress.

Huron’s songs have a more relaxed tone, but the concert was upbeat and so much fun. I thought they were great live, and wanted to share some of their songs! The embedded video is their official “Time to Run” music video, and you can click this link to watch their NPR Tiny Desk concert. 

Let’s just give it up for music, can we?

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