Pack It Up

In 2 weeks it will be 10:40am on a Saturday in Chicago. More importantly, it will be 4:40pm on a Saturday in Dublin, which is exactly where I’ll be! My sister and I will have already met up with our parents and brother and we may or may not have already toured the Jameson distillery. That’s yet to be determined. I know one thing: I will absolutely have a gigantic smile on my face. I’ll be one happy camper. Until then – one thing looms on the horizon. PACKING.

I try to pack minimally for trips overseas, but I really like to have options! The last time I went on a long 10 day trip I could only bring a carry on, so I turned to the internet to help me prepare. I read a blog post that suggested laying out exactly what outfits you were bringing and taking pictures of them so you remember. It sounded crazy and like a lot of work, but I tried it and it really helped! I narrowed down my options and brought items that would easily mix and match with each other, and since I had planned ahead I had exactly the right amount of clothes.

Packing suitcases is a necessary evil, but definitely feels like a major accomplishment when done successfully. Because believe me, I have done it wrong (so wrong). Did I leave a pair of rain boots in London because they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase for my trip home? I’ll never tell.

Any minimalist packing tips for trips lasting longer than a week?

source: Tumblr

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