Where Do I Begin?



I’m back from an incredible trip to the Emerald Isle! It was a perfect adventure and far beyond a wonderful visit with my sister who’s studying in Galway. I was so content in Ireland that I found it really hard to come back to the states. Once you’ve spoiled yourself with good food, the best Guinness in the world, stone walls and rolling hills, and arguably the most charming personalities around, flying back to the USA can be a bit of a downer. But! I’ve come back with some really cool souvenirs and even better memories that I’m ready to share.

My family and I were able to pack a LOT of fun into our Irish Escapades, and I’ll have to break up the blogs this week to dedicate one to each of my favorite experiences. But – where do I begin? Let’s just jump right into it. A couple times during the trip, I asked my family what their favorite part of the trip was thus far. My answer was pretty much unwavering:



I stumbled upon The Point Pony Trekking with great luck before we left for Ireland, and when our tiny car rumbled up to Sean and Anne’s home in Ballyconneely, we knew we were going to be in good hands. They were so sweet and welcoming, and before we knew it we were all mounted, helmets on, ready to ride! We went for a leisurely hour trek with some gorgeous scenery that I gawked at the entire time. There were sprawling fields, ocean views, rocky beaches, and all with the Twelve Bens as a backdrop. It was a surreal experience, one I know I will never forget. Thanks, Anne & Sean (and their trusty sidekick Flo the Terrier) for this incredible experience!


Hey, Flo!



Stay tuned for my second favorite part of our adventures in Ireland: The Cliffs of Moher. A trip with breathtaking views in which I almost cried out of sheer terror.

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