Ends of the Earth


As previously mentioned, the CLIFFS OF MOHER (which are so awe inspiring I think they should always be spelled in caps) also topped the list of my favorite experiences in Ireland this past week. They are breathtaking! You can spot them from several different points in Ireland, but nothing compares to sitting directly on them, inching your way to the edge, and feeling like you’re at the very ends of the earth.

Which you kind of are.


The first time I saw the Cliffs, I had a different experience altogether. It was overcast and we only viewed from O’Briens tower (pictured as a spec in the distance in the photo below) and struggled to walk in straight lines due to the 70 mph winds. This time there was a light breeze, the sun was shining, and in my opinion the conditions couldn’t have been better to actually hang out on this incredible natural wonder.


I had so many feelings all at once, including and not limited to:

This is amazing!

This couldn’t be any MORE amazing!

I’m alive!!!

If I tumble off the edge, I’m toast.

That person is really close to the edge…

Mom! Get away from the edge. (I think I said this about one hundred times)

But mostly I was thinking: THIS IS INCREDIBLE!



More Ireland posts are on the way!

Source: my own

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