Galway, Girl.


I love this city so much it hurts. So much that every time I visit I’m scheming up ways to stay.

“What if I just.. got lost?”

“I could work in this cafe. I could do this! Can I legally do this?”

“Who wants to get married!”

That’s what usually goes through my head during Galway visits. It’s so vibrant and energetic, it’s hard to walk around and not feel like you’re somewhere really special. It has a way of making you feel young and alive, and it tends to kind of wrap me up in this Galway daze that’s very hard to shake. Miranda has made it her home over the past couple of months and I was so thrilled to see her city with her and our family.

Let’s talk about the most important things I experienced on this trip to Galway:

Doughnuts and Books!

Way back when she first arrived in Galway, Miranda sent me a tantalizing photo of the most perfect looking doughnut. (See below, but be warned its torturous). They come from Daniel the Dougnut man, someone who has found a forever home in Miranda’s heart. He sells his magical pastries at the weekend market and I have to tell you… They are a revelation. That is all. My mouth has started to water and I cannot continue. They were the perfect start to our culinary trip around Galway which was (save for one experience) an absolute dream. More on that in the next post!

photo (1)

Round Perfection. (Miranda’s Photo)

Now, the books. As you may have come to figure out – books are my jam. I hope book shops are around until the end of time, or at least until I can take my children. Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop in Galway was a delight!  I just found out it was voted best bookshop in Ireland, and I can definitely get on board with that decision! I was so happy to purchase an old, worn copy of “The Works of Oscar Wilde.” It seemed appropriate. We stayed and browsed for a while, long enough for my brother to casually start up a conversation with Bobby Cannavale. You know. Normal vacation events.

I can also happily report that we found some RIGHTEOUS craic in Galway. Maybe the best craic I’ve ever had. I know it was for sure the best craic my brother and dad have ever found *cough getting in at 4am cough*. We went to my favorite pubs which are The King’s Head, The Quays, and the Front Door (a surefire fun time for all). But I also got to experience some new pubs with an older crowd and live traditional music. It was amazing. Tig Coili was really fun, but The Crane was my favorite. It was crowded in a way that was so inviting and was completely full of music and laughter. I think there are few better places to be than in an Irish pub surrounded by music, good stories, and charming people.

I feel so happy writing this and reminiscing. I had a wonderful time, and I know everyone else did, too. There’s never enough time in Galway.

I wonder when I’ll next find myself on Quay Street, smiling from ear to ear. It can’t be far from now. Thanks for sharing your city with us, M!






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