Irish Grub!

Source: Julia Dunin

Sure, when you hear “Irish food,” the same feeling might not be evoked as when you may hear “Italian food!” But I’m here to get one thing across – you can get damn good food in Ireland. Over the course of my eight days in the Emerald Isle my foodie tummy was so pleased it hardly knew what to do with itself. My family and I have hardly scratched the surface when it comes to great eats in Ireland, but we did our research and were rewarded lavishly.

In this post I’ve provided a list of the best places we ate during our trip, and where they are!

Starting right outside Dublin in Howth: My sister and I loved The Oar House. A seafood lover’s dream! Fish and other sea dwellers are caught fresh that morning, prepared in heavenly ways and placed on the table that night.  It was located on the fishing pier and was intimate but buzzing with a great atmosphere and the food was outstanding! We got crabcakes, fish and chips, and a berry crumble for dessert. Everything was so fresh and delicious, it made our trek to Howth 100% worth it.

Doolin: Shoutout to Gus O’Connor’s Pub! This place makes a mean seafood chowder. We also tried the beef stew and pretty much buried our whole faces in it, that’s how good it was. The funny thing about this place is that it’s a stop on the mega popular Cliffs of Moher bus tour, but these tour guides know their stuff! Doolin is also a great town in which to purchase well priced Aran wool. You can do this right after devouring some chowder, which is precisely what this girl did.

Connemara: While you’re gawking at the gorgeous Kylemore Abbey, guess what else you can do? You got that right – you can stuff yourself full to the brim with delicious food in the Mitchell Cafe. All of the vegetables are grown in the abbey gardens, and when I learned that I said “say no more!” But then I said “actually, tell me everything.” The food is on a rotating menu, but we had delicious tomato soup, cauliflower soup, lasagna, beef stew again (this one was even better!) and desserts that made me smile for hours.  I don’t usually eat in the cafe’s of big attractions as I’m afraid they’re overpriced, but this cafe was pretty incredible.

CavaBodegaOpening photo Julia Dunin (20)low-res

Source: Julia Dunin

Galway: There were so many great places in Galway, we were so thrilled with everything! Here are my favorites:

Pura Vida – I think my dad would move in if he could. The owner, Rob, is a complete delight. He makes everything fresh every day. The juices are freshly squeezed and are out of this world! They make great coffee, and some killer blueberry pancakes.

Kettle of Fish – Everything I said about the seafood chowder from Gus O’Connor’s was true, but believe me when I say this chowder rocked my world. It was unbelievable! Miranda took us here because it was her personal favorite place to get fish and chips in Galway and she couldn’t have hit the nail more square on the head. It was perfect – maybe the best I’ve ever had. Yum.

Fat Freddy’s – Pizza! While we felt a little silly at first for choosing pizza in Ireland, I think we were a little fished out that night, and pizza seemed like a great option. It had great reviews and we were not disappointed at all. There were creative options, traditional options, but they were all delicious! You can’t go wrong with any of their pies. Believe me, the 5 of us each got our own and not a soul or stomach was displeased.

Cava Bodega – I CAN’T EVEN WITH THIS PLACE. Spanish tapas in Galway were, kid you not, better than the tapas I had in Spain. At least from what I remember! How did this happen? Everything we got our hands on in this restaurant absolutely blew our minds. Of particular note (and still very much in my dreams) were the confit pork belly, patatas bravas, and squid. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. I’m pretty sure I now have an answer to the question “What would your last meal be?” I would respond… take me to Cava Bodega and just put it all in front of me. Thanks.


Pictures from this awesome food photographer


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