Book House

MIchael Chabon Ayelet Waldman Book Stack/Remodelista

It’s 10 am on a Wednesday and I’m feeling antsy for the weekend! It’s been a slow week and I am becoming a sloth, which is why I was so grateful to stumble upon this Remodelista article, courtesy of Refinery 29. It really brought a smile to my face!

Two authors, one NYT Best Seller, one Pulitzer Prize winner, live together in this cozy library. This house has the most books per square inch that I’ve ever seen. My favorite picture is the one of the books splayed out on the stairs with the disclaimer “we didn’t stage this, promise.”

Michael Chabon Ayelet Waldman Bedroom/Remodelista

The house is so cute and homey, well decorated but slightly removed from the too-perfect-can’t-touch-anything houses all over Pinterest. It looks lived in. Even more so, it looks like I could move right in. You can tell a lot of love was put into this home. If you read the story, you can get a full understanding of how this literary couple came to be the owners of this home and what it took to decorate. I’m ready to take on Wednesday now, and hopefully dive into my current read tonight.

Michael Chabon Ayelet Waldman Corner/Remodelista

Source: Remodelista



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