A Brief Review

I just finished The Fault in Our Starsa book that was not at all popular in the United States.

See what I mean?

I’m never one to turn away from a super popular read. In fact, I’m drawn to them. There’s usually a reason why books rise so quickly to Best Seller status. Harry Potter, anyone?

Sometimes, there isn’t a reason. 50 Shades of Grey, anyone?

But I digress.

(And will see the movie… ahem, Jamie Dornan)

Back to the task at hand: The Fault in Our Stars was super sweet. Not cheesy, gooey sweet either. It was pretty precious. The main characters were ridiculously intelligent, which I thought was amazing. There were, I must say, a few times I felt like I was drowning in poignant moments. Times where reading the book was a cannonball (belly flop) into existentialism that I didn’t expect… However, I happily accepted. It was comforting and refreshing, and the quotable moments? Too many to count. I understand completely why this novel has caught on fire.

Next up, I’m bringing Goldfinch to the beach. Yes. Lugging over 700 pages of what promises to be great reading around with me is essential to a successful vacation.

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