What Book Should You Read This Fall?

Buzzfeed quizzes are meaningless, so random, and never make any sense

Which is why I always take them. (Won’t apologize)

The latest quiz was fun. The questions, including “What is your ideal fall activity?” had response choices such as “meeting someone online” or “assassinating someone.” They were designed to match you with the new fall book you should read, obviously. I have to give it up for Buzzfeed this time, though. Choosing from random pictures of pumpkin spice lattes and bumpy gourds that no doubt had absolutely nothing to do with the books in question actually matched me up with a book I fully intend to read!

I’m a sucker for novels, especially when they are love stories with a healthy dose of real life. I loved One Day, also a Nicholls novel, and am looking forward to Us as well.

What are you waiting for? Go take the quiz!

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