Can We Talk About Serial?


I loved this cartoon from The New Yorker today. It perfectly describes my attitude towards the revolutionary podcast series Serial, and I know I’m not alone. My coworker introduced me to the series, and when I told her I was hooked, she was so excited to have someone at work to discuss the episodes with. I had no idea the physical NEED to digest out loud was so real. It has completely pulled me in. I believe Adnan and want him to be innocent. I’m pissed at Gutierrez for leaving important facts and people out of a murky case. I’m leery about this Don character who nobody seems to have talked to (yet). Most importantly, I’m a big fan of Sarah’s, and think she’s doing a fabulous job sharing this story with the public. It’s too good to ignore, and it’s taking over my life! Come on Sarah Koenig, I’m trying to finish The Goldfinch here!

Also, are you related to Ezra?

2 thoughts on “Can We Talk About Serial?

  1. girl. i am so hooked. are you listening to ‘slate’ too? also blew threw all of those this weekend. i am an animal. also falling behind on book club…

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