New Year, New Resolutions!

It’s December 31st already? Every year seems to fly by, particularly when you’re at the end of it looking back. 2014 turned out to be a pretty great year, all things considered. I made a lot of changes that I wanted to make, and learned so many new things. There were plenty of ups and downs but here I am! I made it!

Last year I made a few simple, realistic and attainable resolutions for 2014 that were important to me, and stuck to them. I’m hoping to do the same for 2015, so why not kick things right off with the first challenge!

Surprise, it’s a reading challenge. It’s very possible that 2015 could involve some big changes for me, including going back to school (that’s my cue to faint) but I’d like to still make sure I have time for my favorite lazy, lovely pastime. This challenge should force me out of my comfort zone and give me some ideas on what to read next (although my 9-foot-long list of books to read never gets shorter). Join me!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Here’s to a wonderful 2015.


Source: Popsugar

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