Not a Tourist.


I saw a recent headline from the New York Times that read “Italy, Beyond the Tourist Traps.


I wasted no time at all. This is my kind of article. NYT interviewed John Hooper, a journalist living in Rome, about what he believes visitors to the country should spend their time and money on. Want to feast your eyes on beauty that rivals Tuscany without the swarms of students and tourists? Hooper suggests Basilicata. Don’t want to stand out as a tourist? Consider dressing smartly and drinking wines from the region you’re in. I love tips like these. I think it’s important to be proud of your culture and who you are, but isn’t it fun to travel to another country and completely immerse yourself in new cultural norms?

This short interview has lots of great tips for seeing the purest sides of Italy, untouched by tourism. Hooper also published a book called The Italians that highlights a fascinating culture and the people that give the country so much character. I’m into that.

Italy is a country full of mystery, maddening politics and mind-blowing cuisine. But let it be known that, above all, Hooper suggests you go to Venice. He says “there’s just nowhere like it,” and I wholeheartedly agree.

Go there.

Source: My own.

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