“Siamo fuori!”

passportDay 1 went off without a hitch! I did leave my passport on the plane from New York to Rome, though. Is that a hitch? I got it back…

From Rome to Reggio Calabria the nerves kicked in a bit. I think I finally realized what was happening. But as soon as I saw my luggage made it all the way from Chicago (3 flights!) to southern Italy, and Giovanni and Vittoria welcomed me with smiles and open arms, I felt just fine.

Their house is beautiful and I could be trapped here for the next two months and not have much to complain about. I’ve met lots of family members and might start taking Italian classes at a local university soon. I met the children last night and we became fast friends. We can barely understand each other but that doesn’t stop us from playing, making up games, and coloring together.

Last night, Rebecca and I played volleyball with a balloon for what seemed like hours. She kept telling me what the rules were in Italian – “solo le mani!” only hands – and every time we let it hit the floor (game over) she would laugh and say “siamo fuori!!” – we are outside.  As it turns out, I live with a 5-year-old Italian teacher 🙂

source: Tumblr

5 thoughts on ““Siamo fuori!”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Look at you diving right in and getting to know the kiddies!!! Good for you, of course they are gonna love you. Um but please don’t lose your passport again lololol ♥

  2. Gram says:

    Sounds terrific Alex. The view of the sea from the house is great. Just know everything is going to be a wonderful experience. Miss you already but happy for you. XoXo

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