I am TIRED. I’m more tired than I usually am when I travel overseas, but I think that’s because normally I hit the ground running when I land, and never stop moving. Here, I’ve had a chance to relax and it’s allowing me to realize I’m sleepy… (I just fell asleep for a second).

I saw more of Villa San Giovanni yesterday with Vittoria’s mother. It was so nice of her to take me around the town. Our conversations are basic at best, she doesn’t speak English and my Italian is limited of course but we had such a nice time, and I’m learning more Italian every day. The city is precious, and the view of Sicily and its (active!!!) volcano is breathtaking. It’s nice to be so close to the sea, and the weather? Let’s talk about the weather. I forgot what the sun felt like in Chicago, and today I sat outside to read for a bit and actually thought, “I’m a little warm..”

Today, Vittoria’s mother and I went on another quick trip to Reggio Calabria, the nearest big city. We listened to Pink and I think it was 80 degrees. We walked around, ate some gelato, and went into some shops. I understood 60% of what she said. I’m a pro!

See how happy gelato makes me??


English lessons will start soon – I’m excited for the challenge!

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