First Day of School!

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of the Vespoli family, I am now attending Italian language classes at the Universita per Stranieri University for Foreigners – in Reggio Calabria. Today was my first day of classes for the next month. My head was spinning afterwards but I learned a lot! It’s going to be such a cool experience. The cherry on top of this already amazing event.

Actually – the mozzarella di bufala on top.

In my class, there is a man from Brazil, and women from Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Russia and Moldova. We had an interactive grammar lecture first, and I talked* about my family and what I’m currently doing in Italy. After that, another teacher came in and announced her portion of the class would be strictly conversation.

– Boom. Head exploded.

An hour and a half of just speaking Italian!! She went around the room and asked us lots of questions and helped us form the right responses. When I left, I was bilingual!!!!! Kidding, kidding, not even close. When I left I was hungry, overwhelmed and still very happy to be here.

Update: The 3 week countdown until Julia arrives has officially begun.

Ciao! xo

*awkwardly fumbled through conversation

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