I’m 24.

In class today, I learned that no matter what country I’m in, I look 10 years younger than I actually am. My classmate from Kazakhstan told me today that she couldn’t believe I was 24. She said, “When you came to class, I thought you were 16.” through a raging fit of giggles.

Two things are funny about this.

1) She barely speaks any English, but knew how to tell me this.

2) She’s 19.

That’s life. These classes are interesting for a lot of reasons, but they’re actually extremely helpful in planning what to teach during my English lessons as well! Today at the university we talked about food, grocery shopping, and what we do in the morning when we wake up. When I got home, I looked up the 30 new words from Italian class I didn’t understand (le ciliegie!), and then planned a potential English lesson on daily routines and grocery items. This is a completely new experience for me, but it’s really fun and refreshing to be doing something totally different. Also, this experience is proof that the internet is a gold mine for lesson ideas. And a black hole. But, the wifi is limited here so the situation is under control.

Food note: Mozzarella di bufala still has my heart, but I ate breaded spatola (sciabola) which is a fish found in the Mediterranean sea and it was so good. Horrifying fish to look at (thanks, Google), but delicious when fried. Nearly everything we eat is local. Is there any other way to live?! There are more than a few things I’d like to shove in my carry-on when I head home at the end of April.

Ciao! xo.

Source: My own mimosa flower, a gift for me on Women’s Day from the grandfathers!

6 thoughts on “I’m 24.

  1. Ignacio & Linda Coello says:

    Love this one Sweetie! Beautiful flowers. How sweet and thoughtful of him. What do you call him? 🙂

  2. Ignacio & Linda Coello says:

    OH MY GOD! That fish looks so scary, prehistoric, mean! Those teeth! WOW! Glad you enjoyed it. They say it looks menacing but is quite tasty. Looks like an eel! Who prepared it? Gio? Did someone catch it in the backyard?  🙂

  3. Gram says:

    It doesn’t matter if they think you’re young Alex. Some day you’ll appreciate it. :>) In the meantime, they’re probably thinking WOW what a smart girl for 16 !!

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