Friday the 13th!


In Italy, 17 is an unlucky number. Friday the 17th is not a good day, like our Friday the 13th. However, I think Friday the 13th is also unlucky in some parts of Italy so they’re really going for it with the superstitions here!

I realized today was Friday the 13th during my conversation lesson when almost everything I was trying to say was coming out in English. The class is on Italian conversation, not English conversation, so this was a huge problem. I think at one point there was a 45 second pause between two words that I said. That’s too long in any language. However, I redeemed myself in the next lecture when I completely took a stab in the dark at how to write “my sister and I are like the same person.” and got it right. If you’re wondering… Io e mia sorella siamo come la stessa persona. 

I ain’t afraid of no Friday the 13th!

This has been a week of great food (Calabrian frittata? More please.) and a lot of laughs (accidentally doing inappropriate gestures from other cultures).

I’ll end with this: I’m getting a little bit more comfortable understanding Italian. So much so, that when Nonna C poked her head in the door and I heard her ask for “accendino” I said “Ahhh OK!! No problem!” And turned the lights on.

Accendere le luce is to turn on the lights. Accendino is a lighter. She needed a lighter and I turned on the lights and gave her “good to go!!” look.

I’m learning.

source: Tumblr

One thought on “Friday the 13th!

  1. Juliana Trocoli says:

    Amazing! Ogni giorni noi siamo divertenti. I don’t know if I wrote right, but I think that we’re so funny, every day! In English, in Italian e “anche” in Portuguese. See you!

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