Excursion weekend!

Yesterday I spent all day traveling around Calabria on a voyage organized by the university. We left at 8 in the morning and went to Casignana, Locri and Gerace. Afterwards I came home for pizza which is always good but after yesterday’s extra long excursion I think it was actually a piece of heaven. I almost fell asleep, happy, right on top of my mozzarella di buffala.

Casignana and Locri both have archaeological sites that are still being excavated. They have amazing histories that I only caught bits of as the entire narrated guide was in Italian, but I’m catching myself up now on Wikipedia. Strangely enough, the parts I did understand were mostly the morbid ones so I’m definitely going to have to up my vocabulary.

Gerace was our last stop and it was incredible. It rests on top of a rock that’s 1600 feet tall and overlooks the most beautiful landscape. It’s a perfectly preserved medieval town – so perfect, in fact, that it’s really strange to see cars there. It’s like you time traveled and accidentally brought these weird machines with you. We learned some historical facts, took in the amazing views and tried some local bergmot wine. It was a fun but really cold, long day.  Thank heaven for pizza.

Gerace (51)

Some tourist in Gerace

Medieval Pup

Medieval Pup

View from Gerace

View from Gerace

Not too bad.



6 thoughts on “Andiamo.

  1. Gram says:

    Great picture of you ! How good that you were able to take that trip. It looks like you’re really enjoying yourself —and the food. :>)

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