Andiamo Round 2.


The excursions continued last Sunday when Giovanni and Vittoria took me to Scilla and Chianalea. I woke up sick as a dog Sunday morning after 12 hours of shivering on Saturday (my fault – thin sweater), but decided fresh air would be the best medicine. After some tea and too much colomba di pasqua (Easter bread) for breakfast, we took a drive to Scilla.

It was windy but warmer than Saturday and really sunny, so it was nice to walk around Chianalea, the oldest district of Scilla. It’s referred to as the Little Venice of the Tyrrhenian Sea so I basically knew right away I would like it. The little houses there were built right on top of the rocks, and are separated by teeny tiny little alleyways that go straight into the sea. The back doors lead to their boats!



I was told this place is hoppin’ in the summer and has amazing swordfish sandwiches. Sign me up.

6 thoughts on “Andiamo Round 2.

  1. Ignacio Coello says:

    Hi Beautiful Girl, I am so jealous… that quaint seaside town has been in my dreams for ever!! I’m also lucky and so thrilled that I get to see it through your eyes, because knowing you and how you love and appreciate the charm & beauty of that region, it’s just like being there myself. Thank you Lil Wanderer

  2. Gram says:

    Sorry you weren’t feeling well. But that little village sounds very picturesque and must have given you a “mini” Venice fix ! :>)

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