Tutti Together.

This weekend I laughed so much it hurt. My friends in Italian class are from all over the world and speak multiple languages, so there’s often abrupt crossovers between English and Italian and it can make for hilarious conversations. On Friday, something was translated from Russian to English so it could be properly translated into Portuguese. Half the time our sentences start in one language and end in another. Siamo crazy and I love it.

On Friday, a few of us hung out after class, ate too much gelato (which is the perfect amount) and went to the national museum in Reggio Calabria to see the Riace Warriors. It was a beautiful day, but by the time I (literally) chased my bus down at 7pm I was exhausted.

Saturday, I left the house at 6am for a class trip to Palermo. There were eight of us on the trip and it was my first time in Sicily! We took a ferry across the Strait of Messina and it took a few hours to get from the port of Messina to Palermo but the drive was pretty and we could see the Aeolian Islands. To be honest, most of the trip was “a bumpy ride” but it’s now a part of the experience that I will never forget. Couldn’t, even if I tried.

Palermo was amazing. It’s huge and full of people and tiny streets that we tried desperately to fit our bus through. We learned a little about the history of the city, ate cannoli and cassata, both very traditional sweets from Palermo, and had a fun day together.

Sunday I had a big, lovely lunch with both sides of the family! We ate antipasto, pesto lasagna, four-cheese pasta filled with meat, pork with apples, mushrooms, artichokes, bread, wine, pastiera … it was a never-ending paradise of food. In fact, I’m still full today – 3 days later.

Full, and verrrrrrrry happy.


5 Palermo (30)

5 Palermo (72)

5 Palermo (53) 5 Palermo (74)


6 thoughts on “Tutti Together.

  1. Barbara Schneider (Gram) says:

    Oh Alex, it sounds like you are having the greatest time of your life! How wonderful that you’re able to do things with others in your class. Your family really has taken you in to their heart too. By the way, how are the Italian men? Any of them look good to a 25 year old? :>) So great for you to share all this with us; thank you so much. I can almost imagine being there with you. Continue to enjoy. Know I and the rest of your family here miss you, but are very happy to know the kind of experiences you’re having.
    Love and hugs. Gram

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