A Brief Review – Book #11

He knows all about carrying the world on your shoulders, all about letting her into your heart, all about making a sad song better.

Picture this: New York City, 1980’s, teenage boys with devil lock hairstyles. I googled that. It was exactly what I expected. Ten Thousand Saints by Eleanor Henderson centers around a group of teenagers who turn to a “straight edge” lifestyle after abusing or depending on alcohol, drugs, sex or some wild combination. It centers around a boy named Jude (see quote above) who, within the first 50 pages, loses his best friend to an accidental overdose. The rest of the book follows him as he rebels, then turns straight edge, and tries to manage his life in a world with unreliable adults and peers/mentors who don’t always have his back.

The characters in this book were unique in certain ways, and it was interesting to stick with a story that detailed a culture I knew absolutely nothing about. I learned a few things about New York in the 80’s, a time during which one of my favorite books was also set, and about lusty, gutsy teenage boys with pent-up rage they have no idea what to do with.

I would recommend this to readers who, for whatever reason, could use a reminder about what teen angst really feels like. File this one under a book with a number in the title.

Keep an eye out for the movie!

Source: Le YouTube

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