Culinary Quito

National Geographic is coming in hot with a list of seven things to know about the cuisine of Ecuador’s capital city, Quito. My dad was born in Ecuador and I have a lot of family there still today, so I was thrilled to read this but it made me hungry.

Here’s their breakdown:

  1. Drink fresh juices or batidos, more like a shake
  2. Visit an open market for roasted pork or fritada, fried pork – In my house, fritada is like edible gold. There are NEVER leftovers and I’ve learned that the hard way. You snooze, you really lose. Once, my grandmother made fritada and I wasn’t home to eat it right away. I came home to my mom whispering “I hid some in the fridge for you…” She really loves me.
  3. Try the humitas, Quito’s most common tamale
  4. Surprise your palette with bright and tangy Ecuadorian ceviche
  5. Treat yourself to dulce de higos (figs) at Centro Historico
  6. Do as the Quitenians do and eat soup for lunch
  7. Expand your horizons with cuy! That means guinea pig… As a 12 year old on a family member’s farm in Columbe, Ecuador, I played with what I understood to be the farm’s cuddly pets. Understandably, I couldn’t get myself to eat it later. 

There are options for the simple eaters, and absolutely options for the adventurous ones. Tastes like home to me!

Source: NatGeo

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