A Brief Review #3-4


Welcome, Spring! It’s so nice to see you – but let’s get a move on with the temps, please. I wore my winter coat yesterday on March 21 and that felt wrong.

I read two crazy good books in the last month and a half. My commute is much shorter these days, but I couldn’t put them down. I’ve basically loved 4/4 books I’ve read this year, so let the streak continue!

Here’s what I read in February:

A Self-Improvement Book: You Are a Badass
I ate this book right up! I flew through the first few chapters until there was no turning back. The author was funny in a blunt, truthful way. I remember feeling straight-up called out on multiple occasions. I was entertained and definitely got some great takeaways. It’s important to read this one with an open mind, but it made an impact on me with it’s real talk and tips on how to be a bona fide badass.

A Book Set in Europe: The Nightingale
I have a good friend who continually suggested this book at book club meetings, but for some reason we put it off until two months ago. It tells the stories of two sisters during World War II in France. It offers different perspectives on the war than I was used to, and was heartbreaking and magical. It’s hard not to love this book. The characters are complex and inspiring, and the stories really take your breath away. I cried (many times…) and felt so fulfilled at the end! Great read, one of my new favorites.

I’m onto a few new books, so check back soon!


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