A Brief Review #5-#12

It’s been a great summer – perfect for beach lounging, cocktail drinking, spikeball-ing, and cruising through books like it’s my job.

..I wish it was my job. Can it be my job?

I’m still working on my 2016 Reading Challenge and as a result have definitely picked up a few books I wouldn’t have otherwise, which is exactly why I do it! So, let’s all just raise a glass to books and reading challenges while we’re here, why don’t we?

Here’s a very short recap of the eight (count ’em) books I’ve read since my last post:


A Book that Takes Place During Summer: As Close to Us as Breathing
Sweet, if a little slow. Interesting characters who make up a tight-knit central family torn apart by tragedy. I’d recommend for a “beach read.”

A Classic from the 20th Century: The Bell Jar
Fascinating in how much the story echoes Sylvia Plath’s real life and thoughts. That haunted me a little when I found that out after reading it. Weird, but not bad.

A Book Guaranteed to Bring You Joy: Tiny, Beautiful Things 
Cheryl Strayed’s collection of responses to “Dear Sugar,” an advice column she used to run. She has a way of writing that breaks my heart. It was a match made in heaven and I ate this right up.

A Murder Mystery: In the Woods 
More Tana French! I loved this book. It followed a murder, obviously, but it also dove so deep into the two main characters and their “platonic” relationship, I often forgot it was a mystery. Very good.

A Book that Takes Place on an Island: The Light Between Oceans 

An Autobiography: The World’s Strongest Librarian 
The author’s humor and vulnerability made this super random, odd book really enjoyable! I could relate to his love of reading and family but not much else, and I still liked it. Props.

A Book Translated to English: I’m Gone 
Maybe I’ll read this one again someday. It has won high praise and was very witty in some parts, but mostly I felt bored and lost. Sorry, French author who has won awards.

A Book You Can Finish in a Day: We Should All Be Feminists
If you’re on this earth and happen to be a human, this should be required reading.  ❤

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