“Travel the world through someone else’s eyes…” says the Periscope website.

Sign me up! This app connects you with other users and lets you experience different cities and events through their eyes. I popped on this morning to try it out and someone was on a ride at Magic Kingdom! It’s basically like watching a shaky iPhone home video of whatever the person you’re following is doing, but it’s real time which adds a bit of novelty.

National Geographic covered this app as well, noting their favorite ‘Scopers to follow were a safari leader in South Africa (@GerryVanDerWalt), a tour guide in Paris (@ClaireWad) and an American expat in Hong Kong (@PenguinSix).

The wanderlust lives on.

Source: Tumblr


Visual Feast

Uh.. Yum. These artists are killing me with their foodie representations of major cities around the world! A tiny Madrid rests on top of a churro, Brussels on a Belgian waffle. These photos are feeding my wanderlust, that’s for sure. Enjoy Rome on a scoop of gelato and London on a cupcake, and make sure to check out all of the photos at BrunchCity!



Ghosts of London Past

Christmas Past and Christmas Present

Oh, Mashable. You’re never not entertaining. Today, photographer Peter Macdiarmid presented the internet with old, iconic photos of London at Christmas digitally merged with current photos of the city. You can scroll through images of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Regent Street, Clapham Junction and more to see how the city has changed. In a lot of ways it hasn’t, and I absolutely love that.

See all the photos here.

Happy Holidays!

Maps for Lunch

Taking a quick break from Ireland-related posts to share these maps I stumbled upon today via Paper Plates, one of my favorite blogs. They are so fun – the maps of various countries and continents are made entirely out of the regional foods associated with the places themselves. I think they’re beautiful! South America, pictured above, is made entirely of citrus and is so vibrant, I love it. Below, India is made from colorful spices and Africa from plantains and bananas. Pretty neat idea. You can find the rest here via