che figata

It’s December and I’m reminiscing about my time in Italy earlier this year. I miss learning new Italian phrases and hearing the language every day. I’m craving the laid-back lifestyle, the complete understanding of the beauty in doing nothing. Maybe I’m just ready for a post-pasta nap.

Italian is full of beautiful phrases, some of which don’t have a literal or perfect translation to English. In fact, those are my favorite words to learn. Huffington Post listed 11 Italian phrases whose meanings run a little deeper than English words can handle. Check out the list and take a mini Italian vacation.


Source: Huffington Post

Paris is a Party

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.

I picked up A Moveable Feast from my shelf just over a month ago. I needed something new to read during my commute, and I’ve enjoyed Hemingway in the past. I figured I’d love his memoir about the years he spent in Paris. After finishing it, I thought for a while about what to write in my recap. I was still thinking about what to say on November 13 when terror shook the City of Lights, Beirut, and the rest of the watching world.

This book is nothing if not a love letter to Paris itself. Hemingway’s quote above sums up his feelings in one sentence. A few days after the attacks, NPR ran the story below. This memoir is flying off the shelves in Paris. It’s been placed at memorial sites, by the bars that were attacked and by the Bataclan. It’s a sign of resilience, defiance even. It’s a moving gesture, and so heartwarming in a time of real negativity. I can’t imagine what Parisians must be feeling in these days after the attack, but the message they’re sending is clear: they will be resilient.

The title of the memoir in French is “Paris est une fête” – Paris is a Party



I love face to face conversations. Phones have a habit of getting in the way. I like my phone and do use it all the time, but I really, really love the moments when devices are out of sight and the conversation has a chance to breathe and move from topic to topic. Moments when you’re 100% there instead of half there, half wondering what Manny the Frenchie is up to.

On that note, here’s a great read!

Source: Sunday Review

It’s Monday

I say raise your expectations. Elongate your process. Lay on your death bed with a to-do list a mile long and smile at the infinite opportunity granted to you. Create ridiculous standards for yourself and then savor the inevitable failure. Learn from it. Live it. Let the ground crack and rocks crumble around you because that’s how something amazing grows, through the cracks. – Mark Manson