Morning Bear

I was introduced to this band at a SoFar show I attended last night. The lead singer performed solo, singing four Morning Bear songs while I had serious emotional reactions. Swooned so hard.

A Brief Review #5-#12

It’s been a great summer – perfect for beach lounging, cocktail drinking, spikeball-ing, and cruising through books like it’s my job.

..I wish it was my job. Can it be my job?

I’m still working on my 2016 Reading Challenge and as a result have definitely picked up a few books I wouldn’t have otherwise, which is exactly why I do it! So, let’s all just raise a glass to books and reading challenges while we’re here, why don’t we?

Here’s a very short recap of the eight (count ’em) books I’ve read since my last post:


A Book that Takes Place During Summer: As Close to Us as Breathing
Sweet, if a little slow. Interesting characters who make up a tight-knit central family torn apart by tragedy. I’d recommend for a “beach read.”

A Classic from the 20th Century: The Bell Jar
Fascinating in how much the story echoes Sylvia Plath’s real life and thoughts. That haunted me a little when I found that out after reading it. Weird, but not bad.

A Book Guaranteed to Bring You Joy: Tiny, Beautiful Things 
Cheryl Strayed’s collection of responses to “Dear Sugar,” an advice column she used to run. She has a way of writing that breaks my heart. It was a match made in heaven and I ate this right up.

A Murder Mystery: In the Woods 
More Tana French! I loved this book. It followed a murder, obviously, but it also dove so deep into the two main characters and their “platonic” relationship, I often forgot it was a mystery. Very good.

A Book that Takes Place on an Island: The Light Between Oceans 

An Autobiography: The World’s Strongest Librarian 
The author’s humor and vulnerability made this super random, odd book really enjoyable! I could relate to his love of reading and family but not much else, and I still liked it. Props.

A Book Translated to English: I’m Gone 
Maybe I’ll read this one again someday. It has won high praise and was very witty in some parts, but mostly I felt bored and lost. Sorry, French author who has won awards.

A Book You Can Finish in a Day: We Should All Be Feminists
If you’re on this earth and happen to be a human, this should be required reading.  ❤

A Random Swede, Somewhere in Sweden


Sweden officially has it’s own phone number. That’s right.. the country itself. You just dial the number and, as the ad states, you will be connected with a random Swede, somewhere in Sweden. One who signed up to participate, of course. But random nonetheless. The ad suggests you then talk about anything from meatballs to feminism, maybe even some travel tips!

Dare to try?


A Brief Review #3-4


Welcome, Spring! It’s so nice to see you – but let’s get a move on with the temps, please. I wore my winter coat yesterday on March 21 and that felt wrong.

I read two crazy good books in the last month and a half. My commute is much shorter these days, but I couldn’t put them down. I’ve basically loved 4/4 books I’ve read this year, so let the streak continue!

Here’s what I read in February:

A Self-Improvement Book: You Are a Badass
I ate this book right up! I flew through the first few chapters until there was no turning back. The author was funny in a blunt, truthful way. I remember feeling straight-up called out on multiple occasions. I was entertained and definitely got some great takeaways. It’s important to read this one with an open mind, but it made an impact on me with it’s real talk and tips on how to be a bona fide badass.

A Book Set in Europe: The Nightingale
I have a good friend who continually suggested this book at book club meetings, but for some reason we put it off until two months ago. It tells the stories of two sisters during World War II in France. It offers different perspectives on the war than I was used to, and was heartbreaking and magical. It’s hard not to love this book. The characters are complex and inspiring, and the stories really take your breath away. I cried (many times…) and felt so fulfilled at the end! Great read, one of my new favorites.

I’m onto a few new books, so check back soon!


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A Brief Review #1-2

When you’ve got a reading challenge to complete and an hour and a half commute twice a day, the challenge suddenly seems easy. I finished a few books this month due to my serious train time! This weekend, I’m making a move back to Chicago (yay!) so I’m not sure if 3 books a month will continue, but a 30 minute bus ride sounds like heaven. Here’s what I got into this month:

A book with a blue cover: Fates and Furies
This was a story about a marriage from both perspectives. In a few words, this book was twisty, deep, high-brow, intriguing, shocking, mysterious and pretty great. I’d recommend it with the caveat that you’d better be prepared for some strange occasional mythology references and super pretentious characters. However, I really enjoyed it and there were twists and turns I didn’t see coming! I loved the writing (when I could understand it) and the characters played into the story like they were in an episode of Gossip Girl. On steroids.

A book written by a comedian: Modern Romance
I watched Aziz’s show at Madison Square Garden last year, and found it hilarious. He talked about the horrors and benefits online dating and called on a volunteer who had recently met and started texting someone to bring their phone up to the stage so he could read the awkward exchanges out loud to the audience. It was painful – and everyone could relate. This book was an extension of that, and leaned heavily on actual research he did in focus groups around the world. I thought it was awesome and very smart, and his humor made it even more enjoyable. Pick it up! It’s a good one.


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2016 Challenge

PopSugarI already have a hunch that 2016 is going to be a great year. I’m taking a pottery class (anybody in the market for dishware!?), planning a move back to Chicago in February, and taking on a new reading challenge! Popsugar once again put together a list of categories to tackle this year, which I love, and I’m upping my goal to 20.

This year I had three family members pick 5 categories each for me to read. I picked 5 myself, as well.

  1. An autobiography
  2. A book guaranteed to bring you joy
  3. A book about an unfamiliar culture
  4. A murder mystery
  5. A book recommended by a family member
  6. A book set in Europe
  7. A book written by a comedian
  8. A book you can finish in a day
  9. A book that takes place during summer
  10. A book with a blue cover
  11. A book translated to English
  12. A book recommended by someone you just met
  13. The first book you see in a bookstore
  14. A science-fiction novel
  15. A book that takes place on an island
  16. A class from the 20th century
  17. A book becoming a movie this year
  18. A National Book Award Winner
  19. A book set in your home state
  20. A self-improvement book

Here we go.


Source: Popsugar